Mar 11 2015

The Travelling Souk have gifts for every occasion

Life is exciting when there is a new arrival about to be born, perhaps a niece or nephew or grandchild, however, you might be looking for the perfect gift for the new arrival having walked the high street and not found anything suitable. I have found a website that offers fabulous unusual baby gifts so sit back and start a fun and convenient shopping experience with The Travelling Souk.

The Travelling Souk is an award winning shopping experience that has been in existence from over 12 years offering the widest range of products on the market. Unique and fabulous are just some of the gifts you will find on The Travelling Souk, their range of products are carefully selected and usually not found on the high street.

Have a look at some of the unique gifts I found while browsing the extensive gift selection:

Silver Gifts Silver girls heart necklace Childrens Room Childrens Personalised  Wooden Sign

Mothers Day Gifts  French Maternity Nursing Bra  Mothers Day Gifts Sewing and Knitting Glasses Case

Gadgets and Gizmos  Wind up Sherlock Holmes    Photo Albums  Anniversary Year book


If you cannot find anything suitable why not purchase a gift certificate from them. This will allow the special person to purchase anything they desire from jewellery, home ware, kids clothing, womans accessories and more…

The Travelling Souk has featured in some of the UK best magazines and newspapers… keep a lookout for any offers and exclusive gift ideas. Click here for more unique gift ideas

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Aug 11 2014

Celebrate a special occasion with The Travelling Souk

Home And Garden  Home And Garden  Diaries

The Travelling Souk one of the most extensive gift websites available online have been seen in many well-known and famous newspapers and magazines in the UK.  The Travelling Souk carefully select vendors using strict criteria ensuring excellent quality products and service ethics are upheld at all times. They have thousands of unique gifts and unusual gifts to choose from.

The Travelling Souk is well known for their unusual and handmade products most of which you will not find on the high street making them exclusive to The Travelling Souk.

Gifts for every occasion wedding, baby christening, special birthdays, home and garden, kids toys, clothing and jewellery, you will find something for everyone on The Travelling Souk.

As seen in Daily Mail, Fabulous, Grazia, the Guardian, Stella, Stylist and Country Living magazine

May 22 2014

Take the stress out of shopping with The Travelling Souk

Home Accessories Home Accessories Home Accessories Home Accessories

The Travelling Souk has a fabulous range of wraps and shawls perfect for the beautiful summer days that might be slightly chilly but not cold enough to wear a jumper. Choose from a selection of pretty patterns and colours make it one of The Travelling Souk’s unique gifts, a must have for your travel wardrobe when you go on holiday.

The Travelling Souk has unusual gift ideas which are suitable for every occasion.

Whether its home accessories, kids toys, clothing and beautiful home décor, they have a large selection suitable for everyone.

The Travelling Souk carefully select their vendors to ensure they supply upmarket good quality products, excellent service delivery and customer satisfaction is their no 1 priority.

Jul 22 2013

Black Onyx and Grey Pearl six stone bangle

This special 22k gold plated Sterling Silver six stone bangle is unique and makes a fabulous gift. Wear it with pride with any outfit, this timeless piece of jewellery is versatile and sophisticated.

The Black Onyx and Grey Pearl is a striking combination with lots of stone combinations all of which compliment each other making this bangle beautiful.Image 2


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Apr 7 2013

Nothing beats good old British tradition

Are you looking for a wedding gift that is unique ensuring the special couple don’t get the same gift from many people?

Look no further The Travelling Souk have amazing gift ideas that you will struggle to find on the high street.

Take this single British traditional large placemat in fun and unique British Tradition.

Choose the design and colour and the gift becomes a personalised gift. Choose four placemats and the gift truly becomes special.

Visit The Travelling Souk for unique gift ideas

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Feb 28 2013

Copper Wine Coaster perfect gift for a wine lover

Copper Wine Coaster

Handmade by skilled artisans in Tunisia, this wine coaster will add a touch of style to your table.

Perfect gift for a wine lover or as a hostess gift.

Also this bottle coaster makes a very popular gift for a copper wedding anniversary (7 years).

A good idea for father’s day or a birthday.

Why not add some of our glass cooper coasters for a perfect match on your table?

Made from hammered copper to give a unique artisan finish.

To clean, just wash with soapy water. You won’t need to polish it and it does not tarnish.

Dimensions: 9cm (D) x 5cm (H). Perfect fit for a champagne bottle and looser fit for a wine bottle

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Feb 27 2013

Timeless gift made with great care

A stunning hand loomed cotton table cloth to brighten your interior.

The fouta is traditionally a hamam towel. We have developed a lovely range of Fouta tablecloths. This tablecloth is a take on the classic Fouta design for your table.

A treat for yourself or a very nice and original present. Individualy handmade with great care, each tassel has been hand twisted.

Perfect as indoor or outdoor tablecloth.

Material: 100% natural cotton

Hand made in Tunisia by artisans. Machine washable 40 degrees, dries very quickly, eliminating the need to use a dryer.

Minimal ironing needed due to top cotton quality.

Will fit 6/8 guests table (best on rectangle or oval tables).

You can use it as bed spread or a sofa cover

Size 150 x 235 cm

Febronie is a vendor on The Travelling Souk where you can find Personalised Gifts, Unusual Products, Personalised Gift Ideas, Unique Gifts, Gift Fairs, Gift Ideas, Original Gifts, Unusual Gifts and Handmade Gifts!


Feb 25 2013

Fabulous gift for a hostess from The Travelling Souk

Beautiful colourful 100%  Fine Bone China Mugs with purple checked border and three circlular framed delicately painted flowers:  Purple and yellow pansies, this fine bone china is lovely and delicate to drink from and holds a good large amount of tea or coffee.

The brightly coloured gorgeous design incoroporates Bridget Chetwynd’s beautiful original flower paintings and chic borders with Bee’s for Bridget and Teapots for Tash her sister hence “Bee & Tea”.

Six designs include Two Wedgewood Blue mugs, one with Fuchsia group and one with pansies, Two rich sunshine yellow mugs, one with blue delphiniums and one with purple and yellow pansies and two deep pink mugs, one with blue delphinium design and one with single fuchsia design or you can specify the amount and which designs you require subject to availability by emailing the Stallholder.

Bee & Tea is a vendor on The Travelling Souk where you can find Personalised Gifts, Unusual Products, Personalised Gift IdeasUnique Gifts, Gift Fairs, Gift Ideas, Original Gifts, Unusual Gifts and Handmade Gifts!

Feb 21 2013

Say Happy Birthday with these super wine glasses

Crazy Face’ – Box Set of Exuberant Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Beautiful set of six hand blown and hand painted wine glasses in presentation gift box.

The glasses are individually hand blown and have elegant proportions. The crazy face design is made up of these six colours in different arrangements from glass to glass.  The base of the glasses are also decorated in tiny motifs of these colours. Each has a different coloured stem making it easy to identify your glass. Drinking has never been more fun!

The entire decoration is applied by hand and the glass paint used gives a translucent, vibrant and glossy finish. The glasses can be washed in a moderate domestic dishwasher cycle, although hand washing will prolong their life.

As the decoration is effected with glass paints, the finish may have minor imperfections consistent with the use of such paints (for example, minute bubbles or dots) and with hand painting.

CHH Design Ltd is a vendor on The Travelling Souk where you can find Personalised Gifts, Unusual Products, Personalised Gift Ideas, Unique Gifts, Gift Fairs, Gift Ideas, Original Gifts, Unusual Gifts and Handmade Gifts!




Feb 19 2013

Cashmere and Wool Wrap is so versatile you every lady needs one

Cashmere and Wool Wrap 

Large Cashmere and wool wraps are so versatile, double up as a scarf as well.

They are great travelling companians – fabulous on a train, plane and beach!

2.3m x 65cm. 40% cashmere, 15% wool, 15% silk, 15% viscose & 15% other man made fibres. They wash extremely well.

Birds of Paradise is a vendor on The Travelling Souk where you can find Personalised Gifts, Unusual ProductsPersonalised Gift Ideas, Unique Gifts, Gift Fairs, Gift Ideas, Original Gifts, Unusual Gifts and Handmade Gifts!

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