Say Happy Birthday with these super wine glasses

Crazy Face’ – Box Set of Exuberant Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Beautiful set of six hand blown and hand painted wine glasses in presentation gift box.

The glasses are individually hand blown and have elegant proportions. The crazy face design is made up of these six colours in different arrangements from glass to glass.  The base of the glasses are also decorated in tiny motifs of these colours. Each has a different coloured stem making it easy to identify your glass. Drinking has never been more fun!

The entire decoration is applied by hand and the glass paint used gives a translucent, vibrant and glossy finish. The glasses can be washed in a moderate domestic dishwasher cycle, although hand washing will prolong their life.

As the decoration is effected with glass paints, the finish may have minor imperfections consistent with the use of such paints (for example, minute bubbles or dots) and with hand painting.

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