Emotional Detox through bodywork

Understanding my work – Mal Weeraratne

Mal Weeraratne is the founder of Tantric Journey Bodywork which releases layers of trapped negative emotion that have been stored within the cellular system, this can prompt a healing crisis to occur. Mal has treated thousands of clients from all over the world and has encountered many clients that have been confused about the initial symptoms of emotional release.

Mal explains that, ‘’It is important to understand that when we begin to strip away layers of armour through bodywork, it can be as significant and painful as the original trauma because the first stage of a healing crisis is to come out of numbness and bring back sensation and emotion to the body.’’ If you have been numb for years it can be frightening when the sensations arise. Coming out of numbness into sensation is the first step in healing, but it can be a daunting process.

The release of trapped negative emotions may take place during the session and after the session; indeed it is usual for this to continue for up to three days after treatment.

Typically, three days after treatment you will be less negative and feel more positive and alive. The healing recovery process will depend on the amount of blocks one has and the intensity of the treatment. Some clients have taken over 2-3 weeks to recover and there is no way of telling how long recovery will take. Release comes in many forms and the most common indications that you’re experiencing a healing crisis can include headache, nausea, and fever. During the crisis, a recurrence of symptoms from long forgotten illnesses may also occur, but every client is different and so are their symptoms.

Remember when experiencing an ‘emotional cleanse’, which is what Tantric Journey bodywork does for you it is important to keep sight of the fact that it is normal and only to be expected that the anxieties that we wish to cleanse will appear to worsen post-treatment this all a natural process of bringing the emotions to the surface so that they can be cleared out. This time can be very difficult and can mean that you feel very vulnerable, it is not the therapy or therapist to blame for the negative feeling, just a natural elimination of negative emotions that have been stored within your bodies cellular memory.  You need to drink plenty of water and natural juices, avoiding caffeine, alcohol and stimulants and eat a healthy diet to aid the process; but most importantly talk to your therapist and make sure you have lots of positive support around you.


Emotional Detox through bodywork

In Mal Weeraratne’s book, ‘Emotional Detox through Bodywork’ he explains how, harnessing sexual energy rejuvenates and improves physiological, emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

This is a self-help guide that is jammed full practical advice and techniques to teaches women how to take control of the sexual energy within their bodies to remove trauma stored in the form of emotions.

The book is really an explanation of Author Mal Weeraratne treatment technique called Tantric Journey which encompasses Tantric-Tao Bodywork. A technique developed by Mal to eliminate traumatic experiences at a cellular level in the body in order to start living a positive life. Mal has developed the technique over the course of two decades and has gone on to successfully treat over three thousand women with his specialist treatment plan.

In his book, Mal reveals how all women are capable of experiencing emotional freedom and ecstatic bliss and goes on to provide readers with a unique understanding of how the female body may be activated to deepen ecstatic states.

Emotional Detox through bodywork is packed with practical advice and tips and readers will learn emotional trauma can block pleasure and cause disease; the difference between soft penetration and deep sustained penetration, including how to avoid premature male ejaculation; the secrets and history of female ejaculation; techniques for awakening and yoni massage; and will come to understand how emotional trauma can block pleasure and cause disease.

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